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Tips to prepare for a UK rainy wedding day!

A wet knot is hard to untie!

So you need to prepare your self for a rainy day?! It sounds dramatic but this is the UK after all. You cant let the weather effect your mood for the whole day! You know the saying 'to tie the knot' well a wet knot is very hard to un tie! Basically meaning rain on your wedding day signifies good luck and a lasting marriage! Don't loose any sleep over it because let me tell you - Rain does NOT ruin your day!

Stock up on clear umbrellas!

I always have a stock of clear umbrellas in my boot that I can run and grab should it start to rain on a wedding day! Its a good idea that you pick some up too in preparation if you think you may get showers. Clear umbrellas are perfect as they let the light in and don't cast any shadows or add any bright colours to your face when stood under them.

Bring some wellies or shoes you don't mind getting wet and muddy!

If you don't mind getting your heels and shiny shoes wet- great! If not its always a good idea to bring some wellies and comfy shoes you don't mind getting muddy. I recommend getting some for your groomsmen and bridesmaid too! These actually add such a fun element to rainy day photos and are perfect for your group shots.

Those shoes can then be used as a back up incase you are betrayed by your heels later in the evening!

Find Some Shelter and have a back up plan at your venue.

If you are due to get married outside then make sure you have arranged a back up plan with your venue! An indoor space that they can get set up should the weather take a turn! Most venues are over prepared and should be able to let you know as soon as possible If they will be moving the wedding indoors. I always do a venue visit when I can before a wedding day to check out any outdoor spaces that are also under cover.

Speak to your makeup artist and hairdresser for some tips of how to touch up throughout the day!


If you are worried about your couples portraits. If timings allow we can get them in early and if daylight allows they can always wait till later in the day. Most of time it doesn't rain non stop and there are breaks in the weather where we can sneak off and get those shots! I am always keeping an eye on the weather fore cast!

This beautiful couple waited for the rain to stop after dinner before we went off and took some beautiful portraits!

Embrace it! If you are ready for it then so am I!

Its your WEDDING day after all! You are meant to have fun! Want to head out into the rain then I am so up for it. I have rain covers for my cameras so they are protected! So don't waste time stressing about the weather and embrace it! When all is said and done you won't look back and remember the rain on the bottom of your dress.

Let me know if you have any more tips for a rainy wedding day!



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